Everything You Need To Know About Putlockers

Putlocker is a file indexing and sharing platform. The website enables users to access movies and television shows. Unlike some streaming platforms, Putlocker is not one particular site or app. There are multiple websites with the branding Putlocker. These Putlockers serve as file hosting index sites that can enable downloading and streaming of various types of contents and people can access them for free.

What is Putlockers?

Putlockers are websites hosting files for download and streaming of different types of entertainment, including movies and shows from around the world. There are animations and cartoons among other kinds of content. The most popular form of content is cinema, followed by television shows or series. Limited series and popular documentaries among other shows are also available. The first website was Putlocker.com. It was launched in 2011 in the United Kingdom.

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The launch of Putlocker.com followed the shutting down of MegaUpload. Soon after its launch, Putlocker started receiving millions of visitors every day. There was a demand for an alternative to MegaUpload and Put Locker served precisely that. The availability of Putlocker movies has raised eyebrows and many associations have initiated legal proceedings against the site over the years. Putlcoker was blocked in the United Kingdom after an order to that effect passed by the High Court. This block was followed by temporary closure towards the later months in 2016.


Putlocker was ranked amongst the two hundred and fifty most frequented sites in the world. The developers were compelled to come up with Putlockers new site following the legal cases against the original website. This led to the emergence of multiple Putlockers. Putlocker.rs is one of the most popular. Putlocker io is another such platform.

Put Lockers have used multiple top level domains ever since the clampdown initiated by many governments. The MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America has flagged Putlocker as a piracy threat. But multiple variants of Pulocker are still available and accessible. There are at least fifty Putlockers functional today through proxies and mirror sites.

How it Works?

 Putlocker is essentially a cyberlocker. It is a file hosting index. The primary language is English but movies and television shows from around the world are available. Most contents are available with subtitles. Many movies and shows have the options of choosing subtitles in a particular language. Putlocker features advertisements, both onsite and offsite through popups or redirects. The original website is no longer available but clones and mirror ; proxy sites can be accessed.

Getting started with Put Locker is easy. Users can access Putlocker.rs or Putlocker io, search for a show or movie and download or start streaming. A reliable and fast internet connection with a sufficient data plan is all that is required for anyone to access and watch a Putlockers movie or series. No registration is needed. Every Putlockers new site has emulated the same functioning. So, how it works has remained unchanged.


 Features of Putlockers

Putlockers have almost identical features. The homepage allows users to search for the movie or television show they want to watch. There are distinct categories as well, such as movies and shows by genres, countries and years. There is anime too. Depending on the specific webpage layout and design of a Put Locker site, new movies may be featured at the top, followed by recently added television series. Some Putlockers feature trending movies and shows at the top. The catalog or database of Put Lockers is continuously updated so users can always search for the specific title.

Other features of Putlockers have remained unchanged in recent times. The audience can choose standard definition or high definition. Contents available in full high definition can be played at that resolution, unless there is an issue with the internet speed and the medium of display. This is true for both movies and television shows. Older movies and shows may not be available at full high definition.

Not all movies and television series have subtitles but recent ones usually do. The built-in or integrated player supports all major file formats but depends on the particular Putlocker site. Streaming is hassle free, so is pausing, flagging a title as watched or resuming a series wherever one may have left it the last time.

Putlocker allows free download of movies and television shows. Many people prefer this as they can watch the movies or series later in an offline mode. Put Lockers are categorized as piracy sites so they have to be operated through proxies, virtual private networks, clones and mirror sites. Users who are familiar with peer to peer sharing networks and sites like Put Locker often prefer to download so they do not have to rely on an online mode to watch their favorite contents.

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Facts about Putlockers 

The original Putlocker website was safe and reliable. Although it was flagged as a piracy site and a major threat to the entertainment industry, the website itself was safe and free of malware, spyware and adware. There were advertisements and popups but those were not harmful for the user in any way. Since there are many Putlockers these days, it is difficult to ascertain if all the platforms are equally safe. It is likely some of the clones and mirror sites are actually dangerous for the users. It is better to find out if a particular site is safe, rather than generalizing all the Putlockers. Users should read reviews about specific domains or a Putlocker site and then access it.

One of the initial issues reported by users about Putlocker is still a problem. This is popup advertisement. There is seemingly no end to popups whenever you want to access any movie or television show. This is not unjustifiable because the platform does have to sustain itself. Popups generate revenue and that supports the viability of the site. All peer to peer file sharing networks have popups.

All freeware have popups. If anyone wants access to free movies and shows without popups, then the only option is to pay for premium subscriptions. As long as popups do not compromise or threaten the security of a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, they can be endured to access free content. Putlockers offer unlimited access so there is no cap on how many movies or shows one can download and watch.

Many users rely on ad and popup blockers to guard their systems against threats. This is a wise tactic. Some popups may still find their way but these do not necessary pose any harm. Some users access Putlockers through virtual private networks. This is also wise, given the threat of copyright infringement. A few countries in the world have extremely stringent laws.


As per such copyright laws, those who infringe or breach the rule can be fined and even jailed. The fines are hefty and the jail term is stern. It is not legal to access Putlocker in most countries but virtual private networks make this possible without paving the way to draw the wrath of the regulatory authorities. Virtual private networks make users virtually untraceable. If the regulatory authorities do not know who has access the site, when, how and from where, then it is impossible to make a case against them.

Virtual private networks are basically proxies. The ip address of a user does not get noted, reported or tracked. A different address is used in the process. As is the case with any such service or technology, there are free and paid virtual private networks. Paid virtual private networks are not a default choice for most people. Free virtual private networks or proxies can conceal the address but there is no state of the art encryption.

It is possible for those familiar with proxy networks to identify the actual address. The cost of using reliable virtual private networks has come down in recent years. The same network one pays for can be used to access more than just Putlocker. It is anyway wise to conceal identity online, even if the browsing is legal and all transactions are legitimate.

Putlockers have more than five thousand movies. There are as many as twenty five genres, including action, comedy, thriller, science fiction, animation and documentaries. There are famous television shows such as American Idol and Project Runway. Users can access the latest seasons.

There are movies from Japan, Korea, France and India among other countries. There are television shows from Asia. People can use file downloading software to get the contents and watch them later. This offline mode does not have anything to do with Putlocker. One can use a media player that supports the file format.

Putlockers can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Users can watch Putlockers movies and shows on their phones. There is no Putlocker app and it is unlikely for one to be available in the future. The same website that one would access on the desktop can be browsed on the phone. A compatible file downloading software for the phone can be used to get the files into a hard drive or the memory of the phone. Putlocker does not distinguish among desktop or mobile browsers.