Love Anime? Why You Should Use GoGoAnime to Watch Your Favourite Shows!

Anime is a form of animation that originated in Japan and is characterized by intensely thrilling storylines, fantasy themes, and colorful characters. People of all ages from all around the world enjoy anime, so where to watch it online is always a hot topic.

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What is GoGoAnime?

If you’re a fan of anime, but you’re not sure where you can catch the latest episodes, then GoGoAnime is your new best friend! GoGoAnime is a website where you can watch and download a large variety of anime for free. Let’s take a look at each of the benefits GoGoAnime offers!

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Fast Updates:

There’s nothing worse than waiting weeks for new episodes of your favorite series, only for them not to be available online. GoGoAnime understands this and makes sure episodes are available as soon as possible.

Not only is this site free, but it also updates episodes faster than most other streaming services, according to most reviewers. This means that viewers will not need to wait as long to watch their favorite shows.

High-Quality Video:

If you’ve ever tried watching an anime on Youtube or other free services, you’ll notice that some are much better quality than others.

GoGoAnime also prides itself on providing high-quality video. These high-quality streams reduce the risk of lagging, blurry video, or unreadable subtitles, so audiences have a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Lots of Variety:

GoGoAnime offers a vast array of series ranging from rare vintage animes to popular new animes. If you want to watch it, they’ve got it!

These series are organized by the date of release, alphabetical order, and popular animes, depending on which tab you click.

GoGoAnime’s database of series and movies is so extensive that it is difficult to scroll through the entire list manually. Luckily, GoGoAnime has provided a search function to make this easier for its users.


Free To Stream

Unlike many other sites that stream Anime, GoGoAnime offers English dubs and English subtitles without charging a premium.

Providing this service for free means that anime fans from every walk of life can enjoy their favorite shows, not just those with a lot of cash to burn.

GoGoAnime is able to provide this service for free by running ads and offering optional premiums to its viewers. However, this does come at a cost.

Some ads and popups can get quite annoying, and can even be dangerous. Although it can be frustrating, installing an ad-blocker can help to solve this issue.

Versatile Servers:

Some streaming sites only contain one server per episode, meaning if the link is broken or missing, you won’t be able to watch the episode.

GoGoAnime is different. Each episode contains multiple links to a variety of different streaming servers, meaning if one link is broken, you can try another one!

Those who frequently use GoGoAnime recommend choosing the OpenLoad server, as it is reliable, fast-loading, and high-quality.


Excellent Design:

GoGoAnime features a dark-themed homepage, providing a modern look while also being easy on the eyes, as darker themes have been shown to reduce eye-strain.

With computer use at an all-time high, this is an essential factor when it comes to website design. This sets it apart from other anime streaming platforms that failed to consider this.

The site is simple to navigate, with easy to use tabs separating the series by name, release date, and popular animes.

All new releases are immediately shown on the homepage as well, so if you’re following an anime series with new episodes, you won’t even have to search for it!

A Dedicated Movie Tab:

Some people love anime but aren’t interested in committing to following an entire series. Luckily for them, GoGoAnime also offers a vast range of anime movies as well!

If you’re an anime movie fanatic, you’ll love the fact that GoGoAnime contains not only newer release movies but also older movies as well. On GoGoAnime, there truly is something for everyone!

Caters to New Viewers:

If you’re getting into Anime and don’t know where to start, anime streaming sites can often be confusing and overwhelming.

GoGoAnime, on the other hand, provides a tab called ‘popular,’ which displays all of the most-watched and most-loved animes of all time.

This is the perfect place for new viewers to get their bearings, and to explore the series that got most fans hooked on the genre.

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Negatives of GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime is not legal, but it isn’t technically illegal either. It exists in a grey area of the law, as hosting websites are not legally responsible for the content they host.

Although in an ideal world, anime fans would be able to legally pay for and purchase anime, sometimes it just isn’t possible.

Some fans can’t afford to pay for every new anime series and sometimes episodes of a series aren’t available in a fan’s country at all. This is why streaming services like GoGoAnimeare so popular.

If you’re worried about how safe these sites are to use, there’s no simple answer. Although the site itself isn’t technically illegal, some items that are uploaded to the site might be.

Although GoGoAnime tries its best to remove any unwanted content, there might be something that slips through the cracks.

You won’t get into trouble by watching your favorite anime on GoGoAnime, but certain actions might not be legal depending on where you live, so it is a good idea to double-check the laws in your country.


It’s obvious why GoGoAnime is so well-loved by fans of anime from all around the world. If you’re interested in anime, we highly recommend this streaming service over others.

With their large variety of anime series, their high-quality servers, and their fantastic web design, it’s no wonder many anime-lovers choose this streaming service over others.

As GoGoAnime is free to use, it is expected that the service will continue to grow, and will be available for anime fans to enjoy well into the future.