Everything You Need To Know About SolarMovie

There are dozens of streaming sites where you can watch movies and television shows. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the first names that come to mind when thinking of streaming platforms but these two are not free, albeit they are the biggest brands in this niche right now. There are several free movies and televisions shows streaming platforms. SolarMovie is one of them. The list includes Afdah, Vumoo, Look Movie, Yes Movies, F Movies, C Movies HD, Yify TV, Mega Box HD, Crackle, Pop Corn Flix, Moonline, Putlocker and Putlockers2, Snag Films, Yo Movies, Yahoo! View, Rainier Land, 5 Movies, HD Movies, Movies Joy, AZ Movies, My Download Tube and 123 Movies. Not all are free of course. Vex Movies is not working any more. Watch Free has a privacy error. Viewster has shut down. IO Movies is dead. Go Stream is not working.

What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a streaming platform. It hosts movies and television shows produced and released. It is not a website limited to Hollywood or any specific country. It features content from around the world. The website can be accessed in Asia, including India, Korea and Japan. The platform is available in Hong Kong, Thailand, France and the United Kingdom. There are plenty of movies and television shows in the inventory of SolarMovie. There will never be a dull moment for anyone who loves movies and shows.

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Functions of SolarMovie

SolarMovie has a simple but utilitarian interface. The homepage has three neat classifications, namely Movies, TV-Series and Featured. You can check the movies and search for the one you want to watch using the title. The same can be done with TV-Series. You can also check the Featured section to find trending shows and movies. The popular contents are listed in this section, not just those that are trending on social media and have been well received by audiences around the world but also the ones that are being watched widely on the platform in particular.

Users can find the top IMDb movies and television shows as well. There are hot, top rated and most viewed today contents. Such filters are useful. There are sorting features including latest and most favorite. Users can also browse for movies and television shows as per genre and type, quality and country. The quality ranges from cam, standard definition and high definition to all. Genres include action, mystery, musical, psychological, mythological, romance, sitcom, science fiction, sports, war, thriller, horror, adventure, history, kung-fu, animation, comedy, crime, biography, costume, documentary, family, drama and fantasy. These genres are applicable for both movies and television shows.


Is SolarMovie Free?

SolarMovie is free. Users are not required to make any payment. There are no prompts later that ask people to pay if they want to keep using the site. The platform has been around for a while. In fact,, which is the website available right now, is not its first version. There is an older version that can still be accessed by users.

Facts about SolarMovie

SolarMovie is not available everywhere in the world. Many countries have either banned it or the platform does not have its service available for now. Many users rely on virtual private networks to get access to the platform. It is possible to do so even in those countries where the service may not be available or the platform may be prohibited.

SolarMovie is absolutely free to use. This often raises doubts among some conscious users about the authenticity of the site and if it is safe to access. SolarMovie is safe to use. It does not pose any threat to cyber security or otherwise. One of the reasons why SolarMovie is able to function without charging the users any money is advertisement. The revenue is generated through its advertising model so users will have to bear with the ads. This is a compromise that one must agree to indulge in to keep watching free content.

There is a complaint from some sections of users who want to watch the latest movies and television shows. SolarMovie does have a latest section and many movies or television shows can be found there. However, it is true that some of the latest movies and television series do not feature on the site. This has more to do with availability of such contents in appropriate formats for the platform to stream them. Latest movies that have only released in theatres and not in discs or blu-rays are hard to reproduce or broadcast. There may be cam rips but they are rarely watchable.


SolarMovie does have most of the latest movies and television shows that have been streamed online. It is much easier to get access to streamed contents and that can be broadcast on such platforms. When movies have their DVDs or Blu-Rays released, those also become available on the platform. Many movies nowadays are streamed on the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix prior to their Blu-Ray and DVD release. Such contents shall also become promptly available on SolarMovie.

SolarMovie may not always have the best resolution as the speed of internet or bandwidth may play spoilsport. Many users think that their systems are slowing down when they access the site. This is not uncommon if desktops or laptops have limited specs and if the internet speed is slow. Graphics capacity in a system also influences the efficiency and the quality of the video. Buffering is a common problem, especially in countries that do not have enough broadband bandwidth.

Countries where SolarMovie is illegal make it really hard for their citizens to access the site. As is the case with torrents and other similar peer to peer sharing networks, SolarMovie can be accessed via different means, from concealing the internet protocol address to using virtual private networks. Different servers can also be used, especially if they are based in another country that has not banned or outlawed the site. SolarMovie is free for all, regardless of age and other demographic factors.